What We Do

Innoventive Solutions for Today's Challenges
What We Do

Century 22 Solutions is an SBA certified HUBZone small business concern providing innovative solutions and inventions (“innoventive”) to federal, state, and local governments as well as to commercial businesses. We integrate technologies and services to solve today’s most pressing challenges.


Our Approach

We Provide Comprehensive Program Planning Ensuring High Reliability Programs And Products

Ours is a fully integrated approach to solutioning through informed identification, selection and configuration of talent, resources, and processes.

What We Do

Approach. C22 attacks client challenges with resilient problem solving and solutioning architectures for effective program implementation. Our success is driven by the configuration and maximization of talent, resources, and processes – all inextricably linked and integrated in proven processes critical to successful programming.

Talent. We draw on industry leaders, key personnel, and subject matter experts whose capabilities are targeted to each phase of program planning, solutioning, development, and execution. Talent drives the engine for success.

Resources. We and our depth of talent are unrelenting in our search for the most effective and affordable technologies and resources to achieve program success. To achieve the full potential of these technologies and resources, we are at the fore in the identification and pursuit of new and emerging technologies that may serve as a catalyst to leaping forward in product and program development. Through careful assessment of these emerging technologies and drawing on well-established and reliable resources we identify the configuration most suitable and affordable for the problem at hand.

Processes. Our processes include the matrixing of capabilities and resources across industry in a collaborative environment. Noted for high reliability we review program life cycles in the context of clearly defined developmental processes with viable anchor points and milestones – all in the context of strict quality control, early identification of risk and risk mitigations, and quality assurance.


Systems Integration

What We Do

Systems Integration
Century 22 Solutions provides the experience and expertise to effectively draw discrete and disparate systems into a cohesive and integrated program. Our approach is to assess operating system challenges, develop a well-founded solution based on a robust solution architecture that effectively integrates reliable, new or emerging technology, subsystems, and processes. The desired outcome is a highly functioning system that improves quality, enhances performance, and achieves lower cost.

Our software engineering processes blend commercial best practices with recognized systems development lifecycle (SDLC) processes to realize results-focused, cost-effective solutions for clients.





Research & Development
We work with well qualified research and development (R&D) institutions to apply research and scientific methodologies in developing new technologies. Our team designs and develops exclusive disruptive technology uniquely and innovatively to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges.

Our process involves defining requirements and ideation; elimination; prototyping and selection; documenting, designing, developing, and building; and review and delivery.


What We Do

UAV Design

UAV Design & Development

What We Do

AV Design & Development
Our patented unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology provides novel capability for unmanned/robotic missions. Our aerospace engineering, avionics, design, development, piloting, and mission experts constantly develop UAV applications and capabilities for rapidly changing mission requirements.

 C22 uses a structured, requirements-driven design process for producing UAVs. This process effectively integrates people, data, processes, and business requirements, with full requirements traceability, to ensure we field and sustain viable and reliable aircraft.




Soft Diplomacy

Soft Diplomacy Support
C22 provides consulting support in the full spectrum of Soft Diplomacy. Our focus is strategic communications, public policy and diplomacy, information operations including military information support operations (MISO), international security, security assistance, defense support to public diplomacy, and international negotiations. Our staff provides a comprehensive approach to each of these areas of expertise.

We synchronize and thoroughly coordinate recommendations based on well-founded and documented research while recognizing and adhering to interagency equities, directives, and authorities. C22 consultants provide tailored recommendations addressing the unique missions and responsibilities of those agencies, stakeholders, and organizations ultimately responsible for program development and implementation. We bring years of expertise and experience in each of these areas and across the breadth of the U.S. Government.  


What We Do