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Innoventive Solutions for Today's Challenges

Century 22 Solutions (C22) is an SBA certified HUBZone small business concern providing innovative solutions and inventions (“innoventive”) to federal, state, and local governments as well as to commercial businesses. We integrate technologies and services to solve today’s most pressing challenges. C22 is a Resident Client of UF Innovate | The Hub, an award winning business incubator. We are located in the heart of Gainesville Florida’s urban technology and business area known as the Gainesville Innovation District.


What We Do


Systems Integration

Century 22 Solutions provides the experience and expertise to effectively draw discrete and disparate systems into a cohesive and integrated program. The result is a highly functioning system that improves quality, enhances performance, that meets or exceeds requirements while achieving lower cost.


Research & Development

We work with well qualified research and development (R&D) institutions to apply research and scientific methodologies in developing new technologies. Our team designs and develops exclusive disruptive technology uniquely and innovatively to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges.


UAV Design & Development

Our patented unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology provides novel capability for unmanned/robotic missions. Our aerospace engineering, avionics,  design, development, piloting, and mission experts constantly develop UAV applications and capabilities for rapidly changing mission requirements.


Soft Diplomacy Support

We support the full spectrum of soft diplomacy such as strategic communications; public policy; defense support to public diplomacy; information operations/military information support operations (MISO);  international security, and assistance; and international negotiations.

We Provide Comprehensive Program Planning Ensuring High Reliability Programs And Products

Ours is a fully integrated approach to solutioning through informed identification, selection and configuration of talent, resources, and processes.

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